Diary of a Frustrated Mason Continues

Paul Robinson of the Wiltshire Lodge of Fidelity 663 continues to entertain with his daily diary – read it all here

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 102
New house ritual. ‘I appoint you housewife. Your place is in the kitchen. Your duties are washing, cooking, and cleaning. I hand you this dishcloth as a badge of your office.’ Anyway, when I finally regained consciousness, I’d won the raffle.

Diary of a Frustrated Mason – Day 101
I have become House Master Elect for the ensuing year. Tip of the day. Asking the wife to stay in the kitchen whilst you propose the toasts can lead to a very swollen and bleeding mouth. Luckily, I won an ice pack in the raffle.

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 100
(Yep it’s 100 days) The wife asked where the kitchen door had gone. Said I didn’t know. On an aside, I have made a brand new honours board for the house. I was honoured to receive a telegram from The Queen On reaching my 100th raffle prize.

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 99
At about the same time a Masters Chair appeared in the house, the fence and an apple tree disappeared from the garden. ‘No, I don’t know where they went darling ….’ I won some bread dough in the raffle. I kneaded that.