How to Donate

How to Donate – 2026 Festival

Ways to Pay

It could not be easier to donate towards the Bedfordshire 2026 Festival and there are a number of ways to make a donation into the designated Relief Chest that has been opened with the Masonic Charitable Foundation.  A donation of £10 a month for five years (equivalent to a cup of coffee a week from a café) will realise £600 plus Gift Aid (if qualified) and a minimum commitment of £300 will qualify for the Festival jewel both would be subject to gift aid where applicable.


Make a single payment or set up a Direct Debit by

Clicking Here

You will be taken directly to the Bedfordshire 2026 Relief Chest (MCF2026).

By Phone

Make single payment or set up a Direct Debit over the telephone by calling the MCF Relief Chest team on

020 3146 3333

By Text

You can text a one -off donation of £5 to the Bedfordshire 2026 festival Appeal by simply texting MCF2026 to


By Form

Make a single payment or set up a direct debit by completing one of the following forms:

Direct Debit

Credit/Debit Card

Single Donation

Gift Aid

Making a donation with Gift Aid means the MCF can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give in the form of tax relief.

To enable the MCF to claim Gift Aid, you must complete the Gift Aid declaration when donating online or when using one of the paper donation forms. Completing the declaration on a Gift Aid envelope means the MCF can also claim Gift Aid on cash donations.

Gift Aid doesn’t cost you anything or affect any aspect of your finances or tax status. The MCF manages all the administration directly with HMRC. You must be a UK taxpayer to be eligible to apply Gift Aid to your donation.

If you require any additional information or would like a supply of Gift Aid envelopes, please contact the Provincial Grand Charity Steward  via

How will my Donation Help

If you make a regular monthly donation for five years, the MCF would be able to:

  • A £300 donation (£5 per month for five years) can provide:
    • A medical consultation or
    • End of course grant for a child or
    • Computer equipment for a child
  • A £600 donation (£10 per month for five years) can provide:
    • Extra-curricular activities for a child or
    • A piece of sport equipment or musical instrument for a child or
    • One-off emergency grant to cover household costs for a family in crisis