Charity & Volunteer Exchange

Welcome to the Charity & Volunteer Exchange

I often receive requests from Charities, directly or indirectly, to “tell all your members about us”, or sentiments to that effect. Within these requests are often, (although not always), direct appeals for specifics: usually donations or volunteers.  I have to operate within the constraint of not showing favour to one charity over another and, equally, I am conscious of not “spamming” our 76 Lodge & Chapter Charity Stewards by simply forwarding everything I receive. 

This page has been set up to act as a connection point or exchange, between local charities, who want to bring themselves to our attention and our members, their friends and families who are looking for “charitable inspiration”, either as patrons or volunteers.

Each entry contains a snapshot of a local charity which has come to my attention. In some instances they are clearly looking for something specific, e.g., volunteers. More usually it will be a one-pager or link to their website if they just want us to know about them.

Please scroll through to see if anything inspires you and remember to drop in now and again as the page will update. I will, of course, be happy to consider additions should you have a worthy charity that you think merits inclusion. I will also be delighted to hear of your experiences if you choose to make contact with one of the Charities.

Steve Joyce, Provincial Grand Charity Steward