What’s it all About

What’s it all about?

Each Province is asked once every eleven years to collect funds for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.  The Festival system under the United Grand Lodge of England has been developed to rotate specific fund raising evenly around the Provinces.  There are forty four Provinces in the system.  Previously each Province supported all of the previous four Masonic Charities.

A Festival culminates in a year decided by the MCF which enables a Province to determine when a Festival will start and our Provincial Grand Master has decided that we will start in early 2021 and thereby providing us with some seventy months to raise the funds.

Our lodges’ fundraising activities need to be directed towards the Festival during the above period to ensure that we not only meet but exceed our Provincial target.  We are however not asking you to stop donating to other worthy causes but our main focus should be on the festival so that we can give back to the charity that supports us so well.