Cumberland Socials – 2, Covid19 – 0

Cumberland Lodge won’t let a global pandemic get in the way of having a good time! The following report shows that with determination, and luck, anything is possible;

2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster. The coronavirus crisis continues to evolve and people live in times of uncertainty. Changes to the work environment, social/political landscape, and the economy have led to conversations around the ‘new normal’. In the midst of it all, Cumberland Lodge 3858 have managed to pull off marvellous trips to Palma de Mallorca and the Peak District National Park.


Considering the forever changing restrictions, the travel quarantine was lifted just in time for a planned long weekend away led by W.Bro Bill Henderson to his incredible residence in Port d’Andratx, in the south west of the island. Everybody enjoyed Bro Sam Moore’s Barbadian cooking skills (Sam hosted the Cumberland Caribbean night not too long ago to raise funds for the Scout Project). With a handful of BBQs, evenings spent at the chic port, and walks around the neighbourhood, we shared many laughs and memories. Adhering to social distancing, we visited several beaches and had a lovely drive along the coast from Port de Soller to Sant Elm. A joyful day was spent on a spectacular journey from Palma to Soller on an old wooden train. All the Brethren in attendance extended a huge thank you W.Bro Bill for a pleasant time and look forward to visiting again! Luck was on our side as the following week the country saw its travel restrictions reinstated and Cumberland was 1 up.


With the easing of social distancing, September saw Brethren and their families head out to Ilam, a picturesque village by River Manifold in the Peak District National Park, Staffordshire. The itinerary was organised by W.Bro Bill Henderson and Bro Jack Lalji – they had a surprise in store for everyone! A 30km riverside walk through Dovedale, across the Stepping Stones, along the river to Hartington for lunch, and then back to Ilam Hall. Safe to say by dinner we were all exhausted. However, as it usually is after our festive boards and amongst good company, joy and laughter filled the lounge and the night went on! The following day a quick stop was made in Ashbourne for lunch before the trip came to an end and the hikers parted their ways. Kudos to those that drove home whilst the passengers struggled to keep awake. Cumberland 2, Covid19 0. The following day the limit of 6 came into force, which has led to committee ‘walking meetings of 6’ taking place to discuss social events for 2021.