The Brothers of Women’s Freemasonry

Meet Most Worshipful Brother Zuzanka Penn, Grand Master of the Order of Women Freemasons, who’ll discuss their history (including their link with the Suffragettes), their positive impact on women today and her future plans.

These stimulating webinars are hosted by W Bro Brody Swain, PCO of Worcestershire, are designed to give us our #DailyAdvancement and will last approximately 45 minutes. We will cover popular masonic topics and offer the opportunity to ask questions.

Book here for “The Brothers of Women’s Freemasonry” an interview with Most Worshipful Brother Zuzanka Penn, at 19.30 on Tuesday 26th October…/7916292787710/WN_Se2CQZBMRyCM_g8kJfLcOg