The Order is based on the historic records of the life and the legend of King Athelstan, the first king of all the English. The ceremonial draws on the significance of the Ancient Charges in the development of speculative Freemasonry from Anglo Saxon times. Candidates are said to be “Instructed” into the Order, the ceremonial portraying the story of a Master Mason being summoned to York in 926AD at the behest of the king.

The Order forms an interesting element of the masonic story from this early period.  In England and Wales, the Order is structured so that its Provinces, wherever possible, reflect and represent ancient kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon period. Our Provinces do not therefore correlate directly with the English County divisions. The Athelstan Province of East Anglia includes areas of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.  Membership of our Order is strictly Invitational, and members are expected to take a wide and committed interest in all aspects of freemasonry, particularly masonic history.  As a part of its ethos, the Order encourages and prompts its members into further personal study and research, to make daily advancements in masonic knowledge.

The Order is fully committed to supporting the United Grand Lodge of England and it is mandatory for candidates and members to maintain current subscribing membership of both Craft and Royal Arch Chapter Masonry in Lodges and Chapters recognised by the UGLE.  For further details of the Order, visit the Order’s website: here  East Anglia Provincial website: here

For further information please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary,

W Bro Eddie Moore
111 Stafford Street
Norwich NR2 3BQ
Tel: 01603 662325