Around the Province – Gables Hall, Leighton Buzzard

Although meetings may have been few and far between, our Masonic Centres have not sat idle during the lockdowns.

As well as ensuring that the Centre is COVID-secure, Gables Hall has also undergone an electrical upgrade, plus the kitchens have been deep-cleaned and treated to a pair of electric LINCAT tower ovens (pictured below).

They have been particularly careful to support their Caterer during this time, both financially and also by allowing him unrestricted and free use of the centre to get his new business side-line established. This involves the production of pre-prepared meals and makes great use of the meat “smokers” he has in use at the Hall, see pictures below. This has proved to be a success and will enable him to keep his head above water (we hope) so that he is ready to continue with a full catering service when meetings resume.

The food looks great!