Wrest Park Celebrate 50 Years

It was a special night at Wrest Park Lodge No 8514 this week when the members and 30 guests welcomed a new brother into the Lodge before celebrating the 50th anniversary of it being consecrated.

Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Clive Walsh, joined founder members of the Lodge, Ellis Billington & Roy Palmer, to see Past Masters of the Lodge carrying out a first-class Initiation ceremony with W. Bro Ian Milford taking on the role of Junior Deacon, ensuring the candidates first steps in Freemasonry were enjoyable.

With the Lodge Officers back in their regular places, W. Bro Ian moved to the lectern and presented a short talk on the formation of the Lodge, the obstacles they had to overcome in getting UGLE approval and the work of some Wrest Park Brethren that lead to establishing the Ampthill Masonic Centre that we know today.

As you would expect, the celebration evening was made complete with a very convivial Festive Board punctuated with even more memories of the last 50 years.