Walk to France in Five Days for Charity

I’ve decided to walk to France in 5 days. Departing from the Keep in Bedford and arriving at The Somme Ancre Cemetery for remembrance Sunday, raising as much money as possible to support two amazing charities and to give my brother in law, who has terminal brain cancer, some much needed funds.

A 230 mile walk in 5 days seems a bit crazy right? Yes it is! But I guess folks won’t give up their hard earned money for anything less. It is also a reflection of the route, that those soldiers who gave their lives for us, took and marched to their death.

Two friends have indicated that they will be joining me on this namely James Lees and Aaron Wharton.

The two charities are MIND and the Bedfordshire MCF 2026 Festival. I will split the donations 3 ways between the 2 charities and my brother in law.

Please if you can spare any funds it would be much appreciated. I know the target is high but all 3 are very worthwhile causes.

For those that haven’t heard my brother in laws story please visit this link https://www.thecomet.net/news/help-dan-living-with-cancer-8636670

I will be commencing the walk on 8th November 2022 and will also be sleeping rough for the duration.

You can show your support by donating on my JustGiving page

Thank you,

Martin Shaw, Robert de Parys Lodge No 5000