W Bro Robert (Bob) Buchanan

Once again it is my sad duty to inform you of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above, on Friday 10th July 2020, of Worshipful Brother and Excellent Companion Robert Buchanan b 31/7/40 (79 yrs).

Robert (Bob) had been a member of:

St Johns Lodge No 8817, Bedfordshire Lodge of Benevolence No 9288, Russell Chapter No 4413 and Bedfordshire Chapter of First Principals No 7301. He was initiated on 23/11/1987 and Exalted on 2/12/91.

Bob had been ill for some time, I and our MCF Area Support Team Advisor had been in contact with Bob and his daughter in an attempt to help them through some blockages he was experiencing in receiving his medical treatment. Unfortunately, as he had numerous problems, he was never deemed fit enough to be operated upon. It is believed that his passing was not COVID-19 related.

I have sent a card of condolence to Bob’s daughter on behalf of the PGM/Megs, the Provincial Executive and Brethren of the Province.


Tony Green, Pr G Almoner