W Bro Peter Ivor Cunliffe Garrett

It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of W Bro and E Comp Peter Ivor Cunliffe Garrett, b 16/06/1928 (aged 92 years),

Initiated 29/03/1956 (64 years), Exalted 13/01/1961 (59 years)

A member of Lodge of St Mary L3654 (Honorary member), St Mary Chapter C3654, Bedfordshire First Principals’ Chapter C7301.

Peter was admitted into the Luton & Dunstable Hospital for a condition about 3 weeks ago. Whilst he was in hospital he developed COVID-19, unfortunately his condition deteriorated and on Wednesday 6th January 2021 he passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

I will of course be sending a card of condolence to the family on behalf of the PGM/MEGS and Brethren of the Province.


Tony Green, Pr G Almoner