W Bro Michael Graham Cave

It is with sadness that I have to inform you of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Michael Graham Cave b 31/8/1934 (86 years), on Friday 21st May 2021.

Mike was due to meet with some fellow Freemasons for tea and a chat. He failed to turn up. After some enquiries at his home, his son went to his flat and found that Mike had passed away.

Mike was initiated on 11/12/1959 (61 years) and exalted on 27/4/1960 (60 years).

Current Lodges and Chapters

  • Old Bedford Modernians No 5268 – Bedfordshire
  • Bedfordshire Lodge of Installed Masters No 7301 – Bedfordshire
  • Cecil Lodge No 449 – Hertfordshire
  • Cecil Chapter No 449 – Hertfordshire
  • Cloisters Chapter No 7100 – Hertfordshire
  • Hertfordshire First Principals No 4090 – Hertfordshire
  • High Barnet First Principals No 8746 – Hertfordshire
  • Hertfordshire Provincial Grand Stewards No 8984 – Hertfordshire

Current Offices

  • ADC Old Bedford Modernians Lodge No 5268 – Bedfordshire
  • Tyler Cloisters Lodge No 7100 – Hertfordshire
  • Tyler Mimram Lodge No 4818 Hertfordshire

I will be sending a card of condolence to the family on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master and Brethren of the Province.


Tony Green, Provincial Grand Almoner