W Bro Jimmy Stott – 60 Years a Freemason

Picture the Old Bedford Modernians’ Lodge No 5268.  We are meeting in Rushden for a change and carrying out a 3rd Degree ceremony.  All has gone very well with the candidate, Bro Tom, who not only answered his questions splendidly but also reciting his 2nd Degree Obligation.  WBro James Lees is acting as WM, Bro James B, our JD, shares the rest of the Master’s work with VWBro Nick Edwards, a lodge member.

All goes well, including awarding a number of 2026 Festival Jewels, until the 2nd Rising when the Deputy Provincial Grand Master announced that, following correspondence regarding the lodge and having received personal instruction from the PGM, he now had to become an official visitor.  He changed into his full regalia and chain of office.  There were a few moments of real concern from the membership, but the reason was a happy one.

WBro James (Jimmy) Stott was  called out to receive his 60th Year Certificate.  The Lodge not only had a general knowledge quiz on the year of his Initiation, 1961, but also a masonic history of Bro Jim himself. From his Initiation in a lodge in a tiny village in North East Scotland, to London, Hampshire and Isle of Wight and lastly Bedfordshire – the premier province.

We learned that WBro Jimmy not only excelled in the Craft but was also an active member of the Royal Arch, Mark, Royal Ark Mariner, Red Cross of Constantine, Secret Monitor, Scarlet Cord, Royal Order of Scotland and Rose Croix, where he had achieved the 30°.

Above all this, the DPGM explained, Bro Jim exhibited all the qualities of a good man and a good mason.  Dedication, skill at ritual, a concern for the welfare of our new brethren and those in need, a happy and cheerful disposition and, above all, a kind heart.

In the photo he is flanked by the DPGM and his blood brother, WBro Dennis Stott. Around him are members of the Lodge.  A happy and joyous occasion indeed.  We are all very proud of WBro Jimmy Stott, 60 years a freemason.