W Bro Edmund Francis Smith

Dear Brethren,

Details had been passed to me regarding sad news of the passing to the Grand Lodge above of Worshipful Brother and E Companion Edmund Francis Smith on Friday 21st July 2023 (62)

Brother Edmund was initiated on the 19 March 2001 into the Stability Lodge, L9102, in Hertfordshire where he became Master in 2006 and subsequently held the Offices of Director of Ceremonies and Charity Steward. He became a joining member of Royston lodge L4304 (Herts) in 2003 and also Panmure Lodge L715 (Beds) in 2008, where he was Master in 2011.

Edmund was exalted into Panmure Chapter C715 (Beds) on 18 October 2003 MEZ in 2012.

Worshipful Brother & E Comp Edmund served Freemasonry craft for 22 years and Royal Arch 19 years. He was honoured with the Provincial rank of PPrJGD (Herts) 2013 and PPrDGReg (Herts) 2020.

Edmund lived with his wife in Royston and had suffered poor health for a long time; A young man now at rest from all his suffering.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Barbara and their family at this sad time.

I will send a card of condolence on behalf of the Executive and Brethren of the Province.

Requiescet in pace

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Mike Fitz-Gerald – Provincial Grand Almoner


Please also see details as forwarded from Panmure Lodge and Chapter;

It is with great sadness to lose one of Freemasonry’s most distinguished and flamboyant characters, Worshipful Brother Edmund Francis Smith.

Our heartfelt Condolences go to his wife Barbara and son Edmund Junior.

W Brother Edmund’s flamboyance stems from his years as a Showman covering the country in Fairs and Carnivals. This became evident in his magnificent presentation of the Working Tools in all three degrees and the Charge to the Initiate.

In his later years he and his wife Barbara opened Barbara’s Flowers in Royston, Hertfordshire which is still operating successfully today.

W Brother Edmund was Initiated into Stability in Hertfordshire Lodge No 9102 19/03/2001, Passed 19/11/2001 and Raised 18/10/2002 became a joining member of Royston Lodge 4304 on the 11/10/2003.

To further his Masonic career Edmund was exalted into the Royal Arch as a member of Panmure Chapter No715 on the 18/10/2003 and finally joined Panmure No715 Craft on the 15/03/ 2008.

Edmund was installed as Master of Stability in Hertfordshire Lodge 9102 on the 16/01/2006 where he completed two years.  He was also Master of Panmure Lodge No 715 on the 19/02/2011 serving one year.

On the 25/09/2013 Edmund received the 1st of his Provincial Honours PProvJGD(Herts) followed by his current promotion to PProvDepReg(Herts) on the 23/09/2020.

Worshipful Brother Edmund Francis Smith was a Great Character, Great Freemason, Great Companion and a Great Fraternal Friend and will be Greatly missed.

Rest in Peace Worshipful Brother Edmund.

On Behalf of all Members of Panmure Lodge No715 and Chapter