Tour De Tea Rooms Completed with £1,000 raised

2nd June saw our last tour completed, it was on the Queens Platinum Jubilee, a fitting tribute. A total of 132km, but over 1000 miles in practice during September to April (seven months).

Our start was at Desborough to Brixworth, return and finally, Grafham Water. The locations were ones I and Ash had frequented over the last few years I with Carol and on occasion with friends prior to the Pandemic Lockdown. At the Green Wheel Biggleswade we did divert our planned course to pay respects at Ash’s brother’s grave (Andy Curl). A poignant moment, then on our way on the Wheel back to Jordans Mill.

We have practiced in the cold and sunny weather, avoiding the wet days. We did have a few scrapes along the way, Ash falling at the Green Wheel Tour as he headed a low willow branch pushing him into nettles three feet high. A scar on his shin, his pride hurt and those in earshot of his ranting, not a pretty sight. I had pre experience of nettle rash which lasted two days. In Practice I did manage to skid on the gravel path at Grafham Water gaining major gravel rash to the right knee (photos on request). It was good to see Jamie Albone at Jordans Mill Cafe, Nick Burr (Nicks guide dog Amber) and Donna from St Johns Hospice visiting us at the Danish Camp. Gerry Lawman (Starter), Pat & Steve Williams (finish line) at Grafham Water.

These locations did bring fond memories and was pleased to share them with those supporting our venture, raising charitable funds. Ash and I thank everyone for their kind wishes and support, especially our families, friends and Masonic Brethren who have kindly donated to our respective charities. St Johns Hospice Moggerhanger, Sepsis Charity and the Masonic Festival Charity 2026. At this early stage, over £1000.00 has been donated in total. Just giving page is still open.

The Brixworth tour was the most exhausting, over 30 miles with a long straight ride on the Brampton Way disused railway line and steep inclines at each end. St Neots to Paxton Nature reserve was a pleasant ride taking in the ford at Hail Weston and the surrounding countryside then return to St Neots via Priory Park and Eaton Socon back into Pocket Park in Eynesbury. We have details, if anyone wishes to venture on any of the tours, all mainly level, flat and not too taxing if taken leisurely. And finally I would like to give thanks to W Bro Ash Curl for our cycling together in this fun fund raising venture.

Norman Tristram, St Andrews Lodge



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