Today in Masonic History

Today in Masonic History Robert Burns is born in 1759.

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet.

Burns (until 1786 spelled Burnes) was born Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland on January 25th, 1759, the son of self educated tenet farmer.

Much of Burns education came from his self taught father. His father taught them the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, geography and history. Later Burns attended an “adventure school”, which was a school outside the normal school system of Scotland at the time. At the “adventure school” Burns learned Latin, French and mathematics.

At the age of 15 Burns was already writing poetry. His first piece, O, Once I Lov’d A Bonnie Lass was inspired by a fellow worker, Nelly Kilpatrick, at the farm where the Burns family was living and working at the time.

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