Time Capsule Buried Before Grand Opening of Scouts Building

W Bro Martin Wilson this afternoon handed over the Time Capsule that will be buried under the commemorative stone that marks the official handover of the Lodge of Friendship Scouts Accommodation building at Bromham.

Containing a whole range of masonic items (see full list below) it will be a treasure trove when it is re-opened in a hundred years or so.

With only just over a week to go until the official opening ceremony, we are looking forward to welcoming the Pro Grand Master to Bedfordshire to see for himself the magnificent facility Bedfordshire Freemasons have provided.

Time Capsule Contents

1. Emulation Ritual Book

2. Veritas Lodge Ritual Book

3. Provincial Year Book

4. 2026 Festival Jewel

5. 2015 Festival Jewel

6. 2004 Festival Jewel

7. 1982 Festival Jewel

8. Provincial Tie

9. Provincial Cuff Links

10. Royal Arch Jewel

11. 2017 Royal Albert Hall Celebration DVD on a USB memory stick

12. SKY Documentary – Inside the Freemasons DVD on a USB memory stick

13. Freemasonry Today Winter 2019 Edition

14. Lodge Banners Book, Province of Bedfordshire on a USB memory stick

15. The First One Hundred Years of the Province of Bedfordshire on a USB memory stick

16. Various Photos and video footage of the Construction of the Lodge of Friendship

17. Various Photos of people and events within the Province

18. Russell Lodge Centenary Items

19. Robert Bloomfield 25th Anniversary Meeting Booklet