The Wenlock Arms

Lodges across Bedfordshire are meeting up via video to keep the camaraderie going, here’s just one example;
During lockdown the members of Wenlock Lodge 6093 get together on a Wednesday evening for a weekly drink and a social gathering at their virtual pub the ‘Wenlock Arms’.
The humour this evening was rife and we had fun with who was bright enough to be in our Provincial University challenge team, the “Wenlock Wreckers”! So much banter was being enjoyed that the gauntlet was thrown down by one of the University challenge team members – W Bro Stephen Churchill suggested we hold our own fortnightly quiz ! This would sort out the men from the boys!  Wenlock University challenge? I hear you cry !   No …….more like a pub quiz ……after all …we are meeting at the Wenlock Arms !
We are running this quiz over 4 sessions during the next 8 weeks  and the winner will be presented with a bottle of fine very expensive wine. This bottle is kindly being donated by W Bro Colin Bridge …….Stephen kindly told us so !!!  Thanks Col ! (Ha Ha)
Steve Attwood, Secretary