The Importance of PSA Testing!

On Saturday 21st October, nearly 150 Freemasons, Dads, Sons, Brothers, Uncles and Friends attended a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing session at the Luton Masonic Centre.

The session was organised by Ken Evans of Wenlock Lodge, assisted by Brethren from all across Bedfordshire.

Ken told us “In the UK, every week, over 1,000 men are diagnosed with Prostate cancer.  Bedfordshire Freemasons have been running PSA testing sessions for four years, with over 700 men being tested during that period.  Most of the guys are given the OK but around 6% are referred for further investigation.  The majority of that 6% had no idea that they had a problem.  Their early diagnosis via a simple PSA blood test meant they were able to get essential treatment in time to avoid the issues associated with advanced Prostate cancer.

The service is provided by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust [GFCT] who also provide a DIY Test at Home option.

Our efforts in promoting health awareness across the Bedfordshire area through GFCT will continue,  so if you could not get to this session, use the home testing option or you can look out for more events next year, details to be confirmed.

If you were booked in for this event, but could not attend, please contact GFCT directly, who should be able to assist.