Thanks for the Vouchers

We recently donated vouchers to local women’s refuges so the residents could buy items they couldn’t bring with them when they left their homes.

One of the Bedford refuges gave each resident a £100 voucher last week, and the feedback shows how useful and appreciated they were:

‘It means a lot to me as I am very excited to do some baby shopping for the first time.’

‘It is highly appreciated. It helps us women reduce a bit of stress near Christmas time.’

‘I intend to buy some last minute baby items as baby is due in 8 weeks.’

‘It means a lot, helps me save up for my home and give my little man a good Christmas.’

‘A great help as managing can be hard sometimes as a single parent.’

‘Really kind thing to do for us. Thank you.’

‘Thank you so incredibly much!’

We are delighted to have been able to do something positive to help the women and their children, especially in the lead up to Christmas.