Stamp Out Boredom

If you’re looking for something to fill the long isolated hours, why not try the MPC;

The Masonic Historical / Philatelic Club is a World wide club, although 80% of members are in the U.K.!

We are a font of knowledge on the History of Masonry, not just Stamp collectors, our Members speak on Cruise Ships, hold meetings of Freemasonry at Sea and give Talks to Lodges in Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands & Eire, as well as in the USA, Malta,  Madeira and a host of others locations.

The MPC is free for Masons to join, the only charge (£10 annually) is for the production and Postage of the Quarterly Magazine,  which researches and reports into Masonic History through Stamps and the stories behind the Stamps –  The People, Buildings, Events, Symbols and the like.

We recently produced the British Stamps for the Tercentenary, as well as Special events for Masonic Schools and many charities.
There are many thousands of Stamps that relate to Masonry around the World.

For further details see our website