St Andrews Remembers

Following on from the sponsored cycle ride around Rutland Water, to commemorate his Brothers passing, and as a reminder of the ride, W.Bro. Graham Curl (Ash) was presented with an engraved plaque to commemorate his brother, W.Bro Andy Curl’s, life.

The event, planned, organised and completed by W.Bro. Norman Tristram (accompanied by Ash) and was to raise funds for a lasting reminder to W.Bro Andy Curl (Worshipful Master of St Andrews Lodge 803), who passed on the 23rd January 2019.

He sadly passed just three weeks before he was due to install Ash into the chair.

Norman, wishing to provide a lasting reminder, sought sponsorship from Friends and Brethren of St Andrews Lodge to assist in the purchase of a granite vase, etched with a photo of Andy on his honeymoon, just 6 months earlier in Paris. The vase was presented to his wife Yvette during the summer of 2021.

The ride around Rutland was completed shortly after the first Covid lockdown, with both Norman and Graham having a very enjoyable, if poignant time.

The unique stand has been constructed in the form of a Square and Compasses to support the plaque. It was created by by Bro Steve Winser, Senior Deacon at St Andrews Lodge, a master craftsman and artificer, who works in metals at Alchemy Forge in Gamlingay..


As there was surplus money from the Cycle around Rutland sponsorship, W Bro Norman Tristram purchased and donated a Chaplains Chair, to be used by all Chaplains at the St Andrews Rooms, in memory of W.Bro Des Hancock

Des was the Chaplain of St. Andrews Lodge 803 up and until his Passing during the pandemic 23 February 2020.


Such was the generosity of sponsors of the event, a sum of £400 remained in the fund.

This will be donated to the St Johns Hospice in Moggerhanger, being the place where W.Bro Des spent his final days.

They are a wonderful charity and very close to the hearts of the brethren of St Andrews and, particularly to W.Bro Tristram.