St Andrews Lodge Receives 2026 Festival Briefing

Worshipful Brother Martin gave the background to the MCF and what it had achieved since its inception in 2016, both in terms of monies raised and donated, including grants that related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and then went on to explain about the Festival system and gave details of the Provincial and Lodge targets and how they could be achieved.  Details as to how donations could be made was explained together with qualifications to become a Steward of the Festival all of which is contained on the Provincial website.
He stressed that during the 11 years since the start of the previous festival – which culminated in 2015, and the start of this Festival, Freemasons and their families in Bedfordshire had received more than £1,500,000 from the MCF. As the Provincial target for 2026 was only £1,000,000 we as a Province were getting more than our monies worth from the MCF!