Should You Get the Jab?

H.M. Government has announced the extension of eligibility for the Flu Jab this year.
This is in an attempt to mitigate other illnesses should there be a second surge in COVID-19 during the winter period. As there will be a lot of members who will now fall into the new range, members should positively consider getting the Flu Jab this year. In a bad year up to 30,000 people in the UK die of seasonal flu.

Eligible for free flu vaccines until now;

• Over-65s

• Primary schoolchildren

• Children aged two to three

• Health and care workers

• Pregnant women

• The clinically vulnerable

Additional groups eligible this year;

• People aged 50-64

• Pupils in first year of secondary school

• People in the coronavirus shielding group and their households

• People with pre-existing conditions including at-risk under-twos