Royal & Select Masters Welcomes Provincial Grand Secretary to the Order

On Wednesday evening 17 November, Charles Herbert Perram Council, East Midlands District, welcomed the Provincial Grand Secretary of Bedfordshire, Clive Walsh, as their newest member.  Due to the unavoidable absence of the Thrice Illustrious Master, Very Illustrious Companion Russell Howard, the chair was taken by the District Grand Master, Right Illustrious Companion Martin Wilson, who conducted the ceremony of the Select Master with Illustrious Companion Nick Edwards explaining the signs and words and then Companions Oneal Thomas, Stuart French and Rob Venn explaining the History.


Companion Clive then took the Royal Master degree at which Illustrious Companion Kyle Whitbread took the chair as well as explaining the signs.  The History of the degree was presented by Companions Robert Curson, Tony Green, Steve Joyce and Allen Worrall.


A very enjoyable evening was had by all as can be seen by the photographs.