Ride in Aid of Departed Brother

The 24th of January this year marked the 1st anniversary of W.Bro Andy Curl’s passing. Having recently visited the cemetery with his Widow, Yvette, and Brother W.Bro Ash Curl, I was inspired by the care with which Yvette has maintained the grave, that is Beautifully adorned with flowers, plants and personal items.

At the head of the plot is a picture of Andy (taken on their Honeymoon in Paris), which is suffering from the ravages of time and the weather.

The love, dedication, care and energy shown by Yvette in maintaining this tribute to Andy inspired me to think of doing something for the grave to help remember Andy, especially from the Lodge.

It would be fitting to have Black Marble Urn with Andy’s picture and a small square and compass etched onto the face with the word ‘ANDY’, with a container for flowers on the top. This will fit into the ground initially and when allowed it will be fixed to the headstone when the ground has settled.

To raise the funds to cover this Ash and I will be Cycling around Rutland reservoir, a distance of 27 miles. We had planned to do this in April, but now we will saddle up as soon as restrictions allow.

If any brother would like to contribute and sponsor me, I would be grateful of any donation. OR if any brother would like to accompany me cycling and have your own sponsors, I would equally be pleased.

The cost of the Urn and license is £360.

Thank you for your consideration.

W. Bro. Norman Tristram

St Andrew’s Lodge 803

Email. nta65@talktalk.net