PSA Testing and a £1,000 Donation

Bedfordshire Freemasons ran a PSA testing event today in conjunction with the Graham Fulford Trust. This is the latest in a series of events that have proven both popular and important in indicating early signs of prostate cancer – probably saving several lives.

Mike O’Keefe of Ivel Lodge took the opportunity to present the Trust with £1,000 to support future testing events. As Mike said;

‘My Ladies Night had to be cancelled due to Covid in 2020, I have been doing various activities in order to raise money so that I can still make some charitable contributions, this being my third donation. I decided to make this donation to GFCT as our WM from last year, Paul Pibworth, was tested in 2022 and he then tested positive for Prostate Cancer.

Paul is an extremely fit late 50’s Mason whom would be the last person you would think was ‘ill’ in anyway whatsoever, which just goes to prove that you never know who needs to be tested. I am delighted to say that with the help and assistance of GFCT Paul was operated on last year and is well on the road to his recovery and only missed one meeting during his terms as Master. Last year, in partnership with the Biggleswade Masonic Centre (BMC), we ran a race night which I hosted and helped organise as I have done a number of these events in the past and have all the required equipment.

I struck up a deal with the centre that my fee would be a 50/50 split of the nights profits excluding the bar takings and which my share equated to a few pounds short of £1,000 which BMC kindly offered to round up. Instead of taking the fee, it was always my intention to donate it all to the GFCT on behalf of the Ivel Lodge 6846. My wife and I will also intend to run another fundraising summer event to continue to our efforts to continue to raise some funds but time the money raised will be going to the 2026 Festival.

I am honoured to be able to donate this money and I hope that more and more Masons and their friends and family turn up to these events and get tested.’

The next Bedfordshire Freemasons testing event is on the 21st October in Luton, you can find further details here.

Pictured above are some of those tested today and representatives of the Graham Fulford Trust

Below, Mike O’Keefe with the cheque, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Clive Walsh and members of Ivel Lodge presenting the cheque.