Provincial Grand Master Made a 31st Degree Mason

Last night, 17th May, saw a very happy band of Rose Croix Masons celebrating the conferment of Higher Degrees on five Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire freemasons, including our Provincial Grand Master and Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Tony Henderson.

All these Higher Degree ceremonies are conducted only by the nine members of the Supreme Council 33° at their headquarters in Duke Street, St James’s, London, a most magnificent and special Temple.  Dining was just a few minutes away in Mark Masons’ Hall, where this happy photograph was taken – after a very good Festive Board.

Among other supporters were the Inspector General for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Very Illustrations Brother Nick Edwards 33° and his predecessor V Ill Bro John Vincent 33°.

Three brethren received the 30°, Grand Elected Knight Kadosh, Knight of the Black and White Eagle and two others, including Illustrations Brother Tony Henderson, 31° Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander.

These Higher Degrees are completely new full length ceremonies of quite breathtaking wonder, delivery and mystery. They are awarded on merit alone and are hard earned – not only by ritual involvement, length of service and everyday assistance, but also by a member’s demeanour and dedication to the Order and its profound secrets. All the brethren are to be congratulated in the highest possible terms on reaching these rarely awarded Higher Degrees.

More details of the Order can be found on the Other Orders page of this Web site.