Panmure Lodge Complete their Move from London to Luton

Panmure Lodge No 715 held their first official meeting as a Bedfordshire lodge at the Luton Masonic Centre on Saturday 15th April following their move from London. The members received a wonderful welcome from the Provincial Grand Master, his executive and a full Provincial team. It was a marvellous occasion with over eighty present.

After witnessing a second degree ceremony completed in Stability Working, they adjourned to the bar for a drink before lunch. Then to the Festive Board, dressed in Masonic Regalia as is the tradition of the lodge and has been since 1857.

During lunch informal toasts were given, all followed by a chorus from the responders, as Panmure tends to be a singing lodge. London songs and loving cups are always a part of the Installation celebrations at the Festive Board.

During the formal toasts the Provincial Grand Master thanked Metropolitan Grand lodge for consenting to the move and spoke of his excitement and pleasure that the lodge had decided to join Panmure Chapter and that they will work together in Luton, meeting on the same day. Before he sat down, he presented W Bro Bob Curson with a gift on behalf of the lodge for marking forty years service to freemasonry in general, and Panmure lodge in particular.

Finally, Hugh Hiluk from Norfolk, a member of Panmure Chapter, in responding to the Visitors toast had the brethren in stitches with some lovely banter.

All in all it was a wonderful day filled with all that is good about freemasonry, so if you get a chance to go to one of their meetings I am sure you will not be disappointed.