Rose Croix

Rose Croix

The Ancient and Accepted Rite, Rose Croix

The Ancient and Accepted Rite is a 33 Degree system of Freemasonry encompassing a period starting with the building of King Solomon’s Temple and ending as the Middle Ages merged into the Renaissance, when Freemasonry emerged in the form we recognise today.  It endeavours to include all Masonry and most degrees therein, before progressing to the final Degree in freemasonry.

Rose Croix is the 18th Degree of this 33 Degree system and is worked in 6 Chapters in Bedfordshire, one in each of our centres. This most beautiful, profound and esoteric Degree in Freemasonry contains not only the entrustment of hidden secrets, known only to the Perfect Mason, but also what is, quite possibly, the most memorable and wonderful moment in all Freemasonry.

The Order of the Ancient and Accepted Rite is the second most populous in the world after the Craft and works the ne plus ultra of the Military Orders (no longer worked by them) before progressing further.  The Order is not an overtly military one, but rather one of inner peace, contemplation and wonder.

These Higher Degrees are conferred only by the ruling Supreme Council 33° (composed of nine members), during breathtaking Ceremonies of increasing wonder at their headquarters in Duke Street, St James’s,  London.

Bedfordshire is part of the District of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire with an Inspector General at its head, currently Very Illustrious Brother Nicholas Keith Edwards 33°.  There are 17 Chapters Rose Croix in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire with a membership of around 525.  A District Recorder is the only officer in the District.  Uniquely,  there is no other structure,  leading to a very close and intimate relationship between the members and the rulers.

We are proud that the Grand Master, His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent 33°, is our Grand Patron.

The qualification for membership of this highly prized, prestigious and well loved Order is:

  • Being a Master Mason of six months good standing.  Though we encourage all Masons to become Royal Arch Masons, it is not a prerequisite.

Want to learn more? Interested in joining? Visiting from another District?

Please contact the District Recorder here.

Details of Chapters in the District can be found here.

The Supreme Council 33° website can be found here.