New role for Blood Bikers

Interesting news from Peter Nunn of Lovells Bury Lodge in Ampthill, and a member of BEDA Widows Sons:

‘Just thought I’d share a little item with you. As most of you know I volunteer as a ‘Blood Biker’ (at the moment it’s more by car!).
As of tomorrow, we have a new task transferring blood samples from St Georges Hospital in Tooting, London, to a company called Mologic Ltd North of Bedford. As the trip is 180 miles we are doing this in relays. As it is time critical, we are also being satellite tracked.
Mologic Ltd is founded by the originator of the Clearblue pregnancy test and they are working on an instant test for the COVID-19 antibodies.

Mologic have already developed prototypes of an antibody test that will give a result within 10 minutes:

Professor Paul Davis, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Mologic, commented: “Completion of the first prototypes is a significant step in Mologic’s development of a rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 and we are proud of our team’s achievement in reaching this point so quickly, while maintaining the most rigorous standards. Diagnostics are a critical weapon in the fight against this pandemic and, once ready, this test will enable affordable, more accurate and earlier diagnosis of infection, limiting the spread of the disease.”