New Grand Principals for Bedfordshire

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Anthony P Henderson has been pleased to announce the following changes to take place at the upcoming Provincial Convocation on the 26th March 2022.

E Comp Martin Wilson will be appointed to 2nd Provincial Grand Principal.  As a former 3rd Grand Principal and Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, we are sure his experience will help shape a bright future for us all.

E Comp Barrie House will be appointed to 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. Barrie is Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies in Hertfordshire Craft Masonry, as well as the Bedfordshire’s Royal Arch Communications Officer.  A former Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra, Barrie is sure to bring a lot of fun and companionship to our Province.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent added;

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous hard work and contribution made by our 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp Tim Pope and our 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp Richard Ward during the last three years. My sincere thanks to them both for their loyalty, friendship and support.

Prior to fulfilling the duties of 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Tim also served as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. E Comp Tim has consistently been a font of knowledge for the Executive as well as being able to really highlight the issues faced by Freemasonry as a whole.  His clarity of thought and calm demeanour has certainly left the Province in as strong a place as possible, despite the pandemic. In addition, Tim’s work to identify unattached companions to ensure they have a new home should they wish has been extremely important.  Tim has also spent a lot of time in the last year supporting Royal Arch Masonry at the Dunstable Centre.

Both Richard and Tim worked tirelessly to develop and grow our wonderful province and Royal Arch Masonry as a whole.  E Comp Richard coordinated and planned the communication to the RA Reps in the Craft Lodges whilst ensuring all were informed of news and upcoming meetings and he will continue to be the Royal Arch Representative coordinator.  Of course, Richard is also the Scribe E of the 1st Principles Chapter No 7301 as well as serving Mercury Chapter in numerous offices over the years.

Again, sincerest thanks to them both and the very best of luck to E Comp Martin & E Comp Barrie in their new positions.

Pictured above l to r, E Comps Martin Wilson, Barrie House, Tim Pope and Richard Ward