Memorial Vase for Andy Curl

We advised back in June 2020 that Norman Tristram and Ash Curl had completed a sponsored bike ride to raise funds for an engraved vase in memory of Andy Curl, Ash’s brother.

Covid and supplier problems have caused many delays, but we are very pleased that the vase is now completed, as Norman reports;

Apologies that there has been so much time since the completion of the sponsored cycle ride. The original supplier of the vase experienced extreme problems sourcing the materials, this taking over 18 months and still could not complete the commission.

Eventually, an alternative supplier was found, and the vase was provided and engraved by Wrighton and Barker in Bedford within 4 weeks.

On behalf of St Andrews Lodge, Myself, Ash Curl (Andy’s Brother) and Micky Ball (one of Andy’s closest friends), presented it to Yvette Curl (Andy’s Widow). Yvette was visibly touched by the gesture and both her and Ash were very pleased with both the design and quality of finish

Yvette said ‘it looked beautiful’, and was particularly pleased with the choice of photo, which was taken on their Honeymoon in Paris, and holds some very precious memories for her. She wanted to extend her gratitude to all the sponsors for the gesture. It means a great deal to her and the rest of the family.

When the Vase is finally placed on the grave, it will serve as a touching and abiding tribute to Andy, and particularly his love of the St Andrews Lodge.

Brethren and friends, thank you for sponsoring me in this venture and for the part you have all played in contributing to a wonderful outcome.

This will be a lasting memorial to a very talented and missed past Master of St. Andrews Lodge 803.

W.Bro Norman Tristram

l to r: Micky Ball, Norman Tristram, Yvette Curl, Ash Curl