Luton Town FC Legend Mick Harford Supporting Bedfordshire Freemasons PSA Testing Day

Testing for signs of prostate cancer is quick and simple with a PSA blood test. Bedfordshire Freemasons are running a testing session on the 7th May, 10:00am to 1:00pm at their centre at Bowling Green Lane, Luton, and Mick Harford will be making an appearance on the day.

Mick, the former Luton Manager who as a player scored 57 goals in 139 appearances for the club, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020. As well as looking after his own health, the importance of spreading the message to others to get tested is firmly on Mick’s mind.

A message from Big Mick; “It could be anyone, anyone over a certain age and I’m really pleased that friends came to me who knew about my illness before it was public knowledge and decided to get a PSA test, and thankfully they came back negative.

Even if you have no symptoms, it’s worth getting tested as the PSA test can pick up signs of prostate cancer at an early stage. Invest just a bit of your time and hopefully you will find out and make sure you are okay. You know what men are like, they leave it and leave it and leave it. I’ve had friends who’ve said, ‘I won’t go to the doctors, I don’t want to bother them’. But please, please get yourself tested. It’s so important that you do that. It might be nothing, but just go and do it. It’ll save you a lot of heartache.”

For more details and book your place on the testing session click here.