Lovells Bury Keep Quizzing

Lovells Bury Lodge No.4018 had our second On-line quiz last evening with the players divided into 2 teams.  The categories included Bedfordshire History, Common Sayings, History, Where in the World, Musicals & The United Kingdom.  Each team also had a ‘Joker’ to play on a chosen round which doubled their points for that round.  A close, exciting, and sometimes amusing contest ensued with Team A securing victory just 4 points ahead of their rivals.

Could you have answered some of the questions?  Here’s five of the questions set, see if you can answer (without looking the answers up)?

Q1.      The Battle of the River Plate in 1939 was fought off which South American Country?

Q2.      Name a City that spans 2 Continents?

Q3.      An old Yorkshire saying is “May the Lord preserve us from Hell, Hull…. and which other Yorkshire town?

Q4.      Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived….. who survived?

Q5.      Which American Band Leader broadcast for the BBC from the Corn Exchange, Bedford during WW2?

Just a bit of fun and from Lovells Bury Lodge may we send best wishes to you all and please keep safe and well. We look forward to when we can meet as Bedfordshire Provincial Lodges once again.

W. Bro Andrew Potter