Lodge Sine Nomine No 10,000

Consecrated for promising, younger Freemasons across the whole Craft, Lodge Sine Nomine No 10,000 was consecrated on 22nd February 2022 at Freemasons’ Hall by the Pro Grand Master. The Lodge has been granted ‘unattached’ status meaning it is administered directly by UGLE, a status shared with only five other Lodges in the country, reflecting its aim to be representative of the whole Constitution. This was exhibited by the demographic of first joiners attending the Consecration extending from Barbados to Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire has two joining members, Efriam Ie and James Lees, who enjoyed a great day followed by a fabulous Festive Board in the Vestibule of Grand Lodge.

Pictured above are Jim Lees, Efraim Ie, James Lees, Dennis Stott, the PGM Tony Henderson and Bill Henderson