Jeffrey’s Gift

Jeffrey Campbell was just 63 years old when he died from lung cancer, just 4 days from retirement. A previously fit non-smoker, his diagnosis at the end of 2019 was entirely unexpected.

Jeffrey, together with his father Alan, was a member of Clifton Hundred Lodge in Biggleswade, and Jeffrey had spent many years as Almoner of the Lodge – looking after the elderly and ill Lodge members and Lodge widows. Being used to caring for others, it was natural for Jeffrey to think what he could do to help relieve suffering in others even after his death. He therefore stated in his will that his organs could be used to help others after his passing.

The letter and certificate his parents received from the NHS and the Order of St John show how important it is to consider donating your organs, and of course the recipients of Jeffrey’s gift of sight will be forever grateful (see letter below).

You can find out more about organ donation here, and although England now operates an opt-out system, each year hundreds of opportunities for transplants are missed because families aren’t sure what to do. By discussing organ donation with your family and loved ones, and by registering here, you will ensure your wishes are carried out and lives saved.