Installed Masters Elect Master

Bedfordshire Lodge of Installed Masters No. 7301

As a result of the Grand Master’s Suspension of Masonic activities due to COVID-19, the Bedfordshire Lodge of Installed Masters was unable to hold its June (Election) Meeting.  An Emergency (Election) Meeting was therefore held at “The Pavilion”, Bowling Green Lane, on Thursday 15th October 2020.

The “Rule of Six” meant that only the Master, acting Senior Warden, Junior Warden, acting Director of Ceremonies, Secretary and acting Inner Guard were able to attend.  The attached photograph shows the assembled company (socially distanced) after the meeting.  Who took the photograph? –  the electronic wizardry of W Bro Steve Churchill’s Smartphone,

W Bro Ian Cobban, PPrSGW, Cert Merit, was elected Master for 2020/21 and it is hoped (COVID-19 permitting) that it will be possible to Install him on 6th November but, regrettably only five other brethren will be able to attend.

Behind the masks in the photograph are –

Rear row – W Bro Steve Churchill (Acting) Senior Warden, V WBRo Robert Lovesey PDPGM (WM); W Bro Ian Cobban Junior Warden

Middle row – W Bro Ian Dedman (Acting Inner Guard)

Front row – W Bro John Rainbow (Secretary); W Bro Chris Burgess (Acting Director of Ceremonies)