In the Footsteps of John Bunyan

At 7:30am on Saturday 5th August, Rich Reynolds of Mercury Lodge, set off on a gargantuan personal challenge to run the entire 130kM (80 Miles) of the John Bunyan trail, non-stop.

This equated to completing three consecutive marathons across a mixture of mud tracks, roads and footways, some of it in persistent rain in the dead of night and in remote areas, battling an obstacle course of brambles, nettles and mud.

Rich didn’t waver and his determination and pure grit should be an inspiration to us all. At 11:00am on Sunday morning he arrived back, scratched, muddy and very tired, to a welcoming committee, including his wife Mel and son John, (pictured) at the John Bunyan Statue in Bedford town centre

Rich’s progress throughout the run is documented on our Twitter feed and you can view the route he took with this link Rich Reynolds Route

His efforts have already raised over £1,300.00 for the 2026 Festival, and Rich would like to thank everyone who supported him in this venture.

We think this achievement deserves even more. If you can spare even just a couple of pounds, please support Rich and the MCF by clicking this link  Donation Link