Help for Hospice at Home Volunteers

A lovely letter received by our Provincial Charity Steward, Martin Wilson, from Hospice at Home Volunteers based in Dunstable.

Dear Martin,

Hospice at Home Volunteers were delighted to receive the Masonic Charitable Foundation Grant of £500. At such a critical time for both our volunteers and our clients, your grant has enabled us to purchase masks, gloves and hand sanitiser for our volunteers to use while supporting our clients. During Lockdown we have continued to provide our much needed services to very vulnerable people in our local community and the requirement for PPE was certainly an issue which your grant has resolved.
The charity has continued to do weekly shops for our clients as well as supporting our clients with their mental health. For example, one of our clients was still required to attend the Royal Free Hospital in London for treatment and our volunteer felt much safer knowing that they had adequate supplies of PPE for the whole day. Both client and volunteer were much more comfortable during the trip which had been causing anxiety to them both in the planning stages. We are shopping for clients who have not left their homes since March. Your grant has enabled the simple things to remain just that, simple.


Once again, can I thank you and your Lodge for your much needed support.


Take care,


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