Go Dharmic Serve a Million Meals

Go Dharmic received £1,000 from the MCF’s COVID-19 fund in June, since then they have been making the news as well as meals.
One Million Meals – BBC coverage
Across the world Go Dharmic have managed to reach the goal of a million meals distributed across the world during the pandemic starting with the first meal delivered in Luton in March. Featured on BBC Asian Network  and BBC Look East
The pop up restaurant distribution
As people get going with the economy again people still need help with food, Go Dharmic has expanded the way it gets the food to the people. The pop up we started A1 Dosa in Luton has been duplicated in Watford and other areas.

Food kits
Monday food distribution kits restarted in the town centre of Luton and are also happening in Farley hill on Fridays.
Freemasons involved with Go Dharmic
Great help from one of St John the Baptist’s members, Bhavesh Shah has been instrumental in organising deliveries and drivers in Luton which is no easy task as people start getting back to work. Organising these distribution requires a lot of time and commitment from him which is greatly appreciated by all.
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Ajay Randerwala – Go Dharmic