Flowers for the Elstow Ladies

Sunday July 5th would have been the Provincial Annual Ladies Luncheon at the Keep, but unfortunately the current pandemic caused the cancellation, thus depriving our Ladies of the opportunity to catch up with old friends. 

The members of Elstow Lodge 8759 arranged an alternative by presenting the Ladies with a basket of summer flowers in an effort to brighten up their day, these were to be delivered by Lodge members during the morning. Four members of the Lodge arranged to set forth on Sunday morning to the outer regions of the Province with baskets and a letter from the master explaining the reasons for the visit, which was to express the love and affection in which the Ladies are held by the members the Lodge. 

The Lodge members W Bro John Morrow, W Bro Robert Peachey, Bro Doug Braddock and the Worshipful Master visited the Ladies to present the flower baskets at around lunchtime, all socially distancing of course. W Bro Paul Smith delivered a basket to one of the Ladies in his village. The Worshipful Master said “it was lovely to see all our Ladies looking so well as we don’t always get the opportunity to meet with them.” 

The flowers baskets were made by Sophie May Floral. Sophie May being the Granddaughter of W Bro John Gibson one of our Lodge members, and they looked really beautiful and a perfect way to greet our Ladies on Sunday lunchtime. 

All the Ladies were delighted with the array of flowers and it proved to be an acceptable alternative to the lunch. All were pleased to have the beautiful colours and delicate scent from the flowers, and are very grateful for the ever watchful eye of our Almoner W Bro Robert Peachy who keeps in contact with them. 

W Bro David Castella the Worshipful Master commented “it had been an excellent plan to bring a little sunshine into the lives of our Widows during these exceptionally challenging and unprecedented times during the pandemic”. 

Mrs Lawrence with Elstow Lodge Master, David Castella