Father Installs Son – at Last!

It was a bumper turn out at St John’s Lodge 8817 on Monday 24th April when W Bro Brian Benson took the chair of King Solomon again 19 years since his year as Master to finally install his son, Bro Gary Benson. Gary was initiated in 2006 and apart from a short break, he has been a valued and solid member of the lodge. Some say the son of a Mason in England is called a “Lewis” because it is his duty to support the sinking power and aid the failing strength of his father. Well, there was no failing strength as Brian delivered a strong and heart-warming ceremony for his son. 

Among the 26 visitors present, the Provincial Grand Master was in attendance and was pleased to greet the brethren and be re-united with some ‘old faces’ and thanked the lodge for a wonderful ceremony and festive board. The lodge also raised over £750 from the alms, raffle, and the auction of a bottle of single malt whiskey.  This momentous occasion was both a great end to the Masonic year for St. John’s and the two-year tenure for the outgoing Master W. Bro David Samuel.

Pictured above; the PGM attends the 44th Installation meeting of St John’s Lodge.  Surrounded by a plenitude of distinguished brethren, to the PGM’s left is W. Bro Ron Robinson, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. He is the last surviving founder of the lodge.