Dunstable Foodbank receives £1,000

Firstly, very many thanks for the donation of £1,000 which has arrived safely in our account. We are very grateful for your support at this very busy time.

In March we gave out 4,885kg food equivalent to 11,631 meals. This was 52% above the same month last year. In April this rose to 5,030kg food equivalent to 11,976 meals.

We have decided to keep our 3 distribution centres at local churches open – although the church premises are otherwise closed. We have changed our procedures for handing out food to embrace social distancing protocols and we now have teams of volunteer drivers delivering food to clients every weekday and weekends as necessary. This has allowed us to reduce the footfall at our distribution centres as well as providing food to those unable to go out. We have maintained the basic foodbank principle of only supplying food to those clients who cannot afford food.

We have also increased the amount of food we supply to each client from the usual 3 days of food to approximately 5 days of food.

We anticipate that the demand for our help will be sustained and even possibly increase over the next few months as a consequence of the economic damage from the lockdown.

Your generous donation will help us maintain our activities and meet the increased demand for food support.

With many thanks and best wishes

Mike Pittam

Operations Manager Dunstable foodbank

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Food ariving at the Dunstable warehouse ready for next day distribution