Diary of a Frustrated Mason

An hilarious account of the first days after suspension of meetings (before full lockdown).

By Paul A. Robinson, Wiltshire Lodge of Fidelity 663

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 1. No meetings for 4 months! How will I cope? Found a strange women in the house. Apparently she’s my wife. Seems pleasant enough though. We ate dinner last night, but she didn’t do any toasts or fire.

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 2. The good lady of the house tells me I don’t need to say, ‘Inquire who wants admission’, every time someone knocks on the front door. I have now won the raffle two nights in a row – with only two of us in the place, what are the chances

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 3. The dog barked today. I looked up and stated, ‘I acknowledge the correctness of your bark, see who seeks admission’ Would you believe it, yet another raffle win – this is getting embarrassing ….

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 4. I have received a warning letter from Royal Mail. Apparently, blindfolding the postman and putting a noose round his neck is not the done thing. Another raffle prize – despite putting it back, I still won it.

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 5. Next door came round for dinner. I proposed the visitors toast. Visiting is the life blood of Freemasonry – but in the current climate, ‘Not visiting’ may actually be the life blood! Is anybody else buying raffle tickets, or is it just me?

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 6 . Tip of the day – normal wine glasses should not be used as firing glasses. As an aside – can anybody give me a lift back from A & E? I won the top prize in the raffle last night – a toilet roll.

Diary of a frustrated Mason – Day 7. Things are getting bad. I’ve talked the dog into completing a Form P. Told him he could eventually become the Worshipful Barkster. The cat was one number out in last nights raffle.Diary of a fr