David is Flying High After Charity Jump

David Weaver of the Russell Lodge completed his bungee jump yesterday in aid of the Bedfordshire 2026 Festival and Cancer Research.

In David’s own words;

I thank each and everyone of you for your support for my bungee jump.
I went early at 9.30 am and I’m still buzzing. An amazing feeling and for some great charities.
To the PGM, Martin Wilson and Dean, again many thanks, especially during such difficult times.
I never had any nerves, just excitement.
I was first to go on the day. Was strapped, harnessed, told to look at the horizon and a church out there, but not the graveyard!
I hobbled forward, listened to instructions, looked at my wife 140 feet below and went for it. Bounced around and had a boat ride to the jetty.
Hope you enjoy the photos, but hope the money reaches those in need.

My brother John has now been admitted to Addenbrooks in preparation for his transplant. The cup is half full John. Do not ever give in. This is my small token, one of many, for you. Luv ya bruv. Take care.


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