Daily Advancement

If you are looking for an different way to get your daily dose of masonic learning, why not give these a try:

The ‘Brother’ Masonic podcasts are now available on YouTube, the latest focusses on the Red Cross of Constantine. Give it a watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7gFp6KRCVE

You may be familiar with the Solomon site, and its huge archive of information, but you may not have entered the world of Fred and Charlie. They offer a different perspective on learning, a short biography of the pair can be found here Fred & Charlie: A short double Biography. For more from the pair take a look at the collection under the Lodge Matters module and scroll down to the section Freemasonry Explained – Fred and Charlie

You will have to register for Solomon to read these, but if you haven’t done this already now really is the perfect time.