Cumberland on the Road, Again.

Four members of Cumberland Lodge recently spent a few days in Scotland taking in the sights and also fitting in a Masonic visit.

Earlier in the year, whilst attending Biscot Lodge in Luton, they had witnessed an excellent demonstration ceremony by St Mary’s Lodge, No.31 under the Scottish Constitution and were delighted to have the opportunity to visit them on the 21st September at their home in Wishaw near Glasgow

They received a very warm welcome from our Scottish Brethren and Bro Chris Galvin was asked to be “candidate” in an “exemplification” of a Second-Degree ceremony. The work was performed to a flawless standard with some unique and interesting differences after which St. Mary’s provided traditional Scottish hospitality at their “lodge harmony”-similar to the festive board, but slightly less formal

The next day was spent in Edinburgh, strolling around the Royal Mile and touring its historic Castle. Another highlight of the trip was an extremely well curated guided tour of the Rosslyn Chapel

The Cumberland Brethren, W. Bro. Clive Bowler, Bro’s Chris Galvin, James Campbell and Efraim Ie are pictured with their hosts.