Congratulations to W Bro Vic Brown PGStB

On Tuesday the 2nd of November, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Mick Clark visited Coleshill Lodge, Warwickshire. The occasion was to present a 50-year anniversary certificate to W Bro Vic Brown.

Bro Vic was initiated into the Old Lutonians’ Lodge No 7408 on the 9th September 1972. Bro Vic was duly Passed, and then Raised in 1973. In February 1976, he continued his masonic progress by becoming a Holy Royal Arch member, being Exalted in Broadsmith Lodge in Cheshire. He was Installed WM of the Old Lutonians’ Lodge in 1985.

He was also a member of three other Bedfordshire Craft Lodges, where he held various offices, and was a Founder of Veritas Lodge No.9108 in 1984. Provincial Honours soon came his way: PPrJGD in 1991 and PPrGReg in 1998. In 2002 he achieved Grand Rank, being appointed PGStB.

Bro Vic enjoyed membership of several other side degrees, including the Operative Masons, it will not be a surprise to learn he was, and still is, deeply interested in the history of freemasonry and masonic ritual, and has delivered many talks, including the prestigious Elstow Lecture in 1990, his lecture being entitled “Masonic Personalities, Past and Present.” Indeed, he was also a Founder of the Martin Foss Lodge of Research in the year 2000.

In 2003 Bro Vic set up the Bedfordshire Provincial Masonic Library cataloguing over 1,000 books and periodicals covering a wide spectrum of masonic and masonic related subjects. Copies of his research and talks are still available from the library.

Throughout all this time he has enjoyed the loving support of his wife, Audrey. Bro Vic and Audrey relocated their home to the Midlands to be closer to his daughter and family. He has recently become a joining member of Coleshill Lodge, Warwickshire.